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Safety Checklist

We want everyone to have a safe and happy vacation! For the safety of your little one, the precautions below must be followed while using Baby's On The Go! Florida rental equipment:

⃝    If an item has a safety strap, it must be utilized. 

⃝    All seats, and play equipment are for floor use only. Do not place on any raised surface.

⃝    Baby gates must be placed at bottom of staircases/steps and must not be used for exterior doors.  

⃝    Child must not be left sleeping in a car seat unattended.

⃝    Children must be supervised at all times while using bathtubs/ bath toys.

⃝    Child must not be left unattended on changing table. 

⃝    No bumpers, pillows or blankets are to be placed in cribs or pack 'n plays. 

P.S. These are good tips for home too!